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понятно fern sperm archegonium

Fern sperm archegonium

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The corresponding male organ is called the antheridium. The archegonium has a long neck canal or venter and a swollen base. Archegonia are typically located on the surface of the plant thallus , although in the hornworts they are embedded. In bryophytes and other cryptogams sperm reach the archegonium by swimming in water films, whereas in Pinophyta and Angiosperms the pollen are delivered by wind or animal vectors and the sperm are delivered by means of a pollen tube. In the moss Physcomitrella patens , archegonia are not embedded but are located on top of the leafy gametophore s.
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Fern sperm archegonium
Fern sperm archegonium
Fern sperm archegonium
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Fern Reproduction

The sex organs of ferns are of two types. The sperm-producing organ, the antheridium , consists of a jacket of sterile cells with sperm-producing cells inside. Antheridia may be sunken as in the families Ophioglossaceae and Marattiaceae or protruding. They vary in size from those with hundreds of sperm to those with only 12 or so. The egg-producing organ, the archegonium , contains one gamete sex cell , which is always located in the lower, more or less dilated portion of the archegonium, the venter.
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The Fern Life Cycle

Archegonium , the female reproductive organ in ferns and mosses. An archegonium also occurs in some gymnosperms , e. A flask-shaped structure, it consists of a neck, with one or more layers of cells, and a swollen base—the venter—which contains the egg. Neck-canal cells, located above the egg, disappear as the archegonium matures, thus producing a passage for entry of the sperm.
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Fern Structures and Reproduction. Ferns are seedless, vascular plants. They contain two types of vascular tissue that are needed to move substances throughout the plant. Evolutionarily, this addition of vascular tissue to plants is what allowed ferns to grow up and out rather than just spreading along the ground. The more primitive mosses rely on osmosis and diffusion for material movement and need to stay in close contact with the ground.
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