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Clay sperm model

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Men are doomed. Everybody knows this. We're obviously all doomed, the women too, everybody in general, just a waiting game until one or another of the stupid things our stupid species is up to finally gets us. But as it turns out, no surprise: men first. Second instance of no surprise: We're going to take the women down with us. There has always been evidence that men, throughout life, are at higher risk of early death—from the beginning, a higher male incidence of Death by Mastodon Stomping, a higher incidence of Spiked Club to the Brainpan, a statistically significant disparity between how many men and how many women die of Accidentally Shooting Themselves in the Face or Getting Really Fat and Having a Heart Attack.
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Is sperm, which is the essence of semen, meant in verse 8 of the chapter of at-Tawba?

Clay sperm model
Clay sperm model
Clay sperm model
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So, can you take the man out of the sperm? Judging from last week's news that Clay Aiken got someone pregnant, you sure can! Sorry, just couldn't resist the easy joke. Last week was sperm central, what with Aiken's news he's reportedly the known donor for a single friend of his and Newsweek 's story on the increasing openness of the sperm-bank biz. Traditionally, many people who have gone to sperm banks have indeed wanted to take the man out of the sperm, preferring to pretend that what they're buying is just a "gamete," which came from, well, the gamete factory, not from a living, breathing man whose personality and looks they may find practically duplicated in their child. This always makes me think of my childhood visits to my grandfather's dairy farm. Often I'd bring a friend, and almost invariably the friend wouldn't want to drink milk after she'd witnessed the milking parlor in action and seen that milk comes from -- ewww!
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You Can Take the Sperm Out of the Man, But Can You Take the Man Out of the Sperm?

Nutritious fluid named semen which carries sperms does not merely consist of sperms. On the contrary, semen consists of a mixture of different fluids. Semen is a compound of substances excreted from the canals of sperm, the seminal vesicles, the prostate glands, and glands connected to the urinary tracts. With detailed analysis, we can see that the fluid named semen consists of many components like citric acid, prostaglandins, flavins, ascorbic acid, ergothioneine, fructose, phosphorylcholine, cholesterol, phospholipids, fibrinolysin, zinc, acid phosphatase, phosphatase, hyaluronates and sperms.
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The mechanism of gamete fusion remains largely unknown on a molecular level despite its indisputable significance. Only a few of the molecules required for membrane interaction are known, among them IZUMO1, which is present on sperm, tetraspanin CD9, which is present on the egg, and the newly found oolema protein named Juno. A concept of a large multiprotein complex on both membranes forming fusion machinery has recently emerged. The Juno and IZUMO1, up to present, is the only known extracellular receptor pair in the process of fertilization, thus, facilitating the essential binding of gametes. At the same time, the tetraspanin is expected to play a role in organizing the egg membrane order and to interact laterally with other factors.
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